NJROTC Places Third in Orienteering

Ashlea Daniels , Staff Writer

This Saturday, December 6th,  the NJROTC went to the Lake Eagle Park competition placed 3rd. Even though many people don’t know what orienteering is exactly, it is a much loved sport.

“It’s what we consider a fun team so if people don’t start joining all those different drill teams, they’re going to have to start cutting down the orienteering team to make people join. It’s necessary for us to have those so we can be a NJROTC unit,” said Magnus Hanvik(’16)

When being ranked they use the scoring of yellow for beginners, orange, green and so on. There were 53 yellow runners at the competition and 10 teams. We were ranked second overall and many of our individuals placed.

While orienteering is considered a fun sport, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

“It’s mass confusion. It’s like go here, do this, take this, and then we run around like idiots and get it place. Then [they’re] like go and then one minute [passes] then go, everyone get’s their cards punched and then you have to get a map, run around, punch them [cards], and then they’re’s a lot of rules,” said Hanevik.

While being ‘mass confusion’ people still find the orienteering team to be a very valuable thing in their free time and even bring some of it into their personal lives.

“I love orienteering, it’s a fun sport, you get to see a lot of places, we go to a lot of fun parks, sometimes I even tel my mom and dad we should go there, and then we do,” said Hanevik.