New classrooms being constructed on campus

Alanna Felton, Editor-In-Chief

Many returning Robinson students may have noticed an unfamiliar sight on campus- a large, fenced-in construction site in the previously unused lot by the auditorium.

According to assistant principal of administration Niki Lockett, a new building is being constructed on the lot that will contain 12 classrooms when finished. The new classrooms are being built now because Robinson has reached its population limit.

The construction has blocked the walkway from the left side of the school to the auditorium for students, but the auditorium is still accessible from the walkway by the cafeteria.

“I don’t see it having an impact on classroom or hallway traffic, but it is causing traffic for drop off and pick up in the morning and the afternoon,” Lockett said.

However, she also believes that creating more classrooms will pay off in the long run.

“It’s going to accommodate the teachers who float, so that they don’t have to move from classroom to classroom and can have their own rooms,” Lockett said.

Lisa Ceely-Derathe is a floating teacher who is not sure if she will be given a room in the new building, but says that she would be excited to have one.

“It would make things like my teams and my clubs easier because I don’t have a room to meet with my teams and my clubs,” Ceely-Derathe. said.

The new building will also help reduce class sizes at Robinson.

“I feel with a bigger class there is not much room for one on one with a teacher.” Said Zoie Yvonne (’20), who is in three classes with upwards of thirty students in them.

She looks forward to the space that the new classrooms will free up. “I think the impact would be positive because then I think there could be more focus in class,” Yvonne said.

Construction of the building should be finished by March or April.