Dusold from SGA officer to SGA sponsor


Photo Ariana Megerian

Madison Courtemanche (’18) cheers during the 2017 Plant pep rally.

Skylar Hurley , Staff Writer

Over the past year students have been complaining about bland pep rallies, but the new SGA sponsor, Thomas Dusold plans to reinvigorate the pap rallies by bringing them back to their roots.

Dusold is a Robinson alumnus of the class of ’86 and was a class officer of SGA as a student. As an alumnus Dusold understands the students perspectives and remembers a time when students put the pep in pep rally, his goal this year is to bring school spirit back.

“As a graduate of the school, I think it would be pretty neat to see some of the old traditions brought back,” Dusold said.

Junior class president Joshua Hall-Gomez (’20) will MC today’s pep rally and is a three-year member of SGA. He likes working with Dusold in SGA and thinks his alumni status gives him an edge.

“He’s great. He wants to bring back traditions back to Robinson and wants it better for the students and improve school spirit,” Hall-Gomez said. “I honestly think [since] he used to go here… He knows how the students used to be and how involved they were in the pep rallys, sporting events and Robinson life.”

Today’s pep rally will be Dusold’s debut as the new sponsor. He plans on doing away with the DJ and having the band, cheerleaders and Starlets, along with SGA, welcome students to the gym with our school songs and chants.

“Mr. Dusold is very excited about SGA. He’s super hyped about the Plant pep rally” said Abby Patterson (’20), junior vice president of the executive board for SGA.

Both Patterson and Dusold said SGA wants to increase the school spirit of the student body. Patterson hopes that the freshman will bring lots of school spirit into their first pep rally. She worked with freshman this summer at the Knights in Training camp, where they received their first Class of 2022 t-shirt.

“We are hoping that the freshman will pump up their spirit,” Patterson said.

Most of the pep rally format has stayed the same and Dusold said he is not changing everything right away. Rather, he wants to see how the first year unfolds so that he has a better understanding on how they can improve.

“Right now I would just like to see how it was done, what we did and why we did it,” Dusold said. “As we move forward I would like to see what we could do to change to make it more exciting.”