Construction Update from Brown and Morman

Learn more about how the rebuilding of Robinson is going.


Picture of current construction progress.

Shayla Mcintyre , Staff Writer

Since the end of last school year, Robinson has been undergoing construction, it has become the new normal for current students and staff. We clearly see progress being made but it’s hard to see just what exactly is happening day to day.

Principal David Brown shared some updates about construction.

“It’s still on time, they’re still on time as much as they can be on time,” Brown said. “They still have people who have to supply them with things, there’s still a supply chain issue and the main thing that has slowed them down is air conditioning units and the framing for windows, that’s another slowdown, so they continue to work through it.”

Along with the new culinary facility, ROTC shooting range and new locker rooms, we are also getting a new track and field. Starting in May, they’re installing artificial turf and a new rubber track. This will hopefully be done by August meaning all incoming students will get to experience a whole new school.

“I just had a conversation yesterday and we are supposed to get the keys for the building July 21, 2023 they will bring in all the furniture for the buildings,” Brown said. “Teachers then come in Aug. 2 so they should be ready to go along with the students by Aug. 10. On Monday we were actually allowed to walk through the building and everything is going well.”

Other than the two things Brown mentioned there are no other delays with any supply which hopefully means everything will continue to run smoothly.

In addition to the student amenities, the teachers’ lounge will be expanded and updated.

“The teachers’ lounge will be a place for the teachers to unwind and keep their food, there’s a little kitchenette so that they can prepare their lunches and just take a break when needed,” Morman said.