To Run or Not to Run

Frankie Wilson, Staff Writer

Okay, get off of the couch and stop watching Vampire Diaries.

Start getting dressed to go on a run.

Well, my tennis shoes are sort of dirty from practice the other day, maybe I should wash them first.

The only way I’m going to become a better runner is to go for a run today, on a Saturday…

The day where a teenage girl is supposed to be relaxing, watching Netflix, snacking on junk all day…

Or hanging out with friends at the movies or Starbucks.

But, I will be sweating it out and practically dying on my run.

Once I run, I’ll feel great and proud and I can tell Coach, who will also be proud.

But I really don’t feel like it today.

My legs are too sore and tired already from conditioning yesterday.

*eventually gets dressed and is ready for run*

Okay start the timer and just… run

Pick up your feet and start moving forward.

No, I’ll start at the next crack in the sidewalk

Wait, no I cant, there was an ant so that’s a sign that I should start at the next blue house I see.

Red, green, beige, grey…

Hmmmm, no blue houses

Maybe I should just go back.

There’s a brand new box of cheez-its siting all alone in the pantry.

Just waiting to be eaten…

Waiting for me…

NO, you HAVE to run!

1,2,3… start…

3,2,1… start…

How long have I even walked?

Probably at least a mile.

Consider that your warm up and start running.

Do I have to?