Veterans Day, I’ve never heard of that

Everyone should know what Veterans Day is, the people who fought for our lives deserve recognition

Ella Wertz , Staff Writer

Many students are oblivious to things happening in our country on a governmental, social, and environmental level. But, there are some things that are too important to be neglected.

On Wednesday, I went around to several students and teachers at Robinson to interview them regarding their opinion on why Veterans Day is important or should be celebrated. The responses I received were horrifying. Both the students and teachers, who we are supposed to be learning from, faces went blank and they either asked me to explain what that meant or had to look it up on the internet.

After my several failed attempts of these interviews, I led with an new approach. I went to a random kid roaming the halls, for better luck, and asked him to share his opinion and he answered what is Veterans Day; after I explained it to him, he told me I couldn’t interview him because he didn’t want to sound stupid.

Well, don’t worry because you would not be the first. The ignorance of people walking around Robinson’s halls has reached a simply unreasonable point. I sort of, understand not being fully aware of who’s running for governor, what war we are in, or even who the 22nd president was but not having even the slightest knowledge of a Veterans Day or simply what a veteran is is extremely sad.

These troops have voluntarily given up holidays with their families, their kids’ soccer games and dance recitals and the chance to watch their children grow up to help and protect us. On a deeper note, they have sacrificed limbs, seen their friends die, and some have even acquired severe post traumatic stress disorder or depression to protect you and you don’t even have the decency to acknowledge them. How selfish do we have to be to ignore and take these people’s service for granted?

This is a narrow-minded view people have adapted that ignores the people who have sacrificed their time, families, and livelihoods. Compassion and gratitude were qualities that I though everyone possessed – I guess I was too naive- but rest-assured that has changed.

But, in turn, I’ve realized why we need people to fight for us. Many of us may not know or care more about someone else to sacrifice our lives or any part of our life for them.  Many of us are too busy to look up from our lives and notice the trouble circulating us and the ones we care about.

So to all the clueless people in the world, let me enlighten you on something. Veterans Day is a day dedicated to people who have served in US Armed Forces. On Monday, when you are sleeping in or at the beach with your friends, take a minute or two, in your busy life where you only think about yourself, to thank and appreciate veterans and what they have done for you, because they deserve it. Maybe try simply saying thank you, bringing them dinner or washing their car, it’s the least we can do.