Flag Football reaches out to Lanier Field Day

Alejandro Gomez, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 7th Flag Football had its first time volunteering at Lanier’s Field Day. The Football team was also there, however they have volunteered before.

“The kids loved us. They looked up to us, and really enjoyed having us there.They were so excited,” said Kylee Gorngpratum (’14) Varsity Flag Football player. “It was great being with them, because we also learned things from them, and we had an awesome day with them.”

The Flag Football spent the morning there from eight o’clock to 12 o’clock. They helped run sanctioned events, and spent time playing the various games with the children.

“I had an awesome time volunteering, and I’m glad that we are reaching out to the kids.” said Gorngpratum. In addition to reaching out to Lanier, Flag football also volunteers at Shriner’s Hopsital to reach out to the children there. “We just love spending time with the kids.”