Volleyball wins district, advances to states

Volleyball wins districts and moves on to quarter-finals.

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

Last Friday, Robinson’s volleyball team took on and beat Land O’ Lakes for the district finals.  The game was held at Jefferson, so neither of them were playing at their home courts.

Robinson went in and won the first match.  Then Land O’ Lakes, after their defeat, won the second match.  In spite of the loss, Robinson came back from that and beat them three more times.

The Lady Knights had great cooperation and they wanted to win.  They worked together to secure they had the win.

“The energy was up so much, and the teamwork was so amazing.  That’s the best we’ve ever played.” Margaret Courtney (‘21) said.

Courtney was not the only player who felt the teamwork and energy was up.

“We communicated really well like over communicated, which is always really good. I thought we had really high energy.  The bench was cheering, everyone was so hype. I thought that helped the overall outcome of the game.” Katie Kemp (‘21) said.

Robinson came into the game prepared.  This isn’t the first time playing this team so they were confident in what they were going into.

“I think we did expect to win because we’ve seen this team before and we kinda knew about their players.  We knew their strategies, so we knew how to beat them.” Kemp said.

Olivia Van Zandt (‘21), a player that got hurt prior to the district finals game, is one of Robinsons back-row passers.  Not having Van Zandt for an important game meant losing a key player.

“It really sucks because Olivia is a really important part of the team.” Kemp said.

The absence of Van Zandt called for adjustments, but freshman Abbi Fishman, went in for her and stepped up for her teammates.

“It is just different because Abbi doesn’t have the varsity experience that Olivia has but she has been doing great, she really stepped up into that role.” Kemp said.

Although Van Zandt got hurt, the team was able to get the win.

“We were really happy.  We knew we worked hard, and we deserved it.  We were all so hyped to win, we knew we would win because of our energy,” Courtney said.

The Robinson varsity volleyball team has a playoff match vs. Port Charlotte on Tuesday, October 29 @ 7 p.m.