Job Satisfaction is More Important Than the Paycheck

Priorities should lie on job satisfaction rather than how much money you are making.


Photo Ariana Smith

A Canva graphic depicting a women working with two happy faces and a heart in the background.

Ariana Smith, Staff Writer

An individual’s career choice can determine the course of their future, making it an immensely crucial decision in their life. It goes without saying that every job has its benefits and drawbacks, but when choosing a college major or starting a career, students must ask themselves whether a higher-paid pathway will be worth the potential work dissatisfaction down the road. With this choice, one can set themselves up for intense job dissatisfaction paired with a high salary.

While having a solid wage is obviously vital, having a fulfilling job allows one to express their own value and interests without the dread of attending your day-to-day job when your heart’s not in it. It is crucial to choose a career that allows you to put your happiness first because long hours at a job that one despises can have detrimental mental and psychological effects as well as leave one feeling unhappy with life.

“[They] found that those with lower job satisfaction levels have worse mental health compared to those with high job satisfaction levels,” said Jonathan Dirlam the lead Ohio State University researcher in a study conducted on job satisfaction.

With these worse mental health conditions including depression, excessive worry and sleep issues. Not only can job dissatisfaction affect mental health, but also physical health. The results of a data analysis conducted at the University of Manchester indicate that employees who were not satisfied with their jobs were more likely to develop musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and a variety of other physical ailments. Consequently, a high salary should not come at the expense of the danger of poor health, either mental or physical.

If you are truly passionate about your career, you will never have to work a day in your life. You will likely have a happier, more fulfilled life, doing your hobby every day. By pursuing something you love daily, you could lead a happier, more fulfilling life. This offers advantages beyond the workplace, resulting in a better outlook on life, improved relationships and better health.

Doing what you are good at gives you a significant confidence boost and a positive frame of mind. It’s crucial to choose a career path that brings you personal fulfillment because there is no purpose in working complex long-term for a high salary if you are unhappy. While a job’s salary can be a strong motivator it shouldn’t be the sole reason influencing a person to follow a particular career.

Choosing a career that pays highly is less important and meaningful than focusing on job satisfaction. It makes sense to stop and think about what job satisfaction means to you when considering a potential job. When considering work, it makes sense to stop and examine what job happiness means to you; however, when the time comes, one will always have that nagging voice in their head telling them otherwise. In the long run, being content in your job is crucial, and that shouldn’t depend on the paycheck. While in this economy, a hefty paycheck is indeed welcome, nothing compares to the joy that comes with a fulfilling career.