Football shuffles players at QB position

So far this year Robinson High’s football team went through three different quarterbacks.


Plant and Robinson’s varsity football teams line up head to head waiting for the referee to blow the whistle. Robinson was losing, but that didn’t stop the players from putting forth all of their effort. “I’ll get it done right, and I’ll make the other team pay,” Varsity Center Hunter Brown (’22) said.

Salma Boughdiri, Staff Writer

The football team is the major sport here at Robinson and every game consists of excited and joyous crowds, stunning performances by the cheerleaders and very passionate players. However, this year is different for the team due to the unexpected changes of quarterbacks. Although the games are still eventful, the football team has been struggling and faced some difficult obstacles.

Robinson’s first quarterback was Lucas Green (22’), although he played football he was more passionate about golf. Green left the team and joined golf, he says he very much enjoys it.

“I feel like I can go farther with the sport [golf] than I can with football and I just enjoy the sport more,” Green said.

Green wishes the best for the football team.

The second quarterback Eric “EJ” Archield a freshman on varsity.

“It was fun, but it was being switched from Little League to High school just like got thrown in the fire like that,” Archield said. “But it wasn’t too much I just had to stay calm and do what I got to do”

After stepping up as quarterback, Archield was injured in the game against Berkeley Prep. He hopes to play this season.

“As much as I want to get back on the field I want to rehab myself as best as possible so I don’t re-injure myself,” he said. “I’m going to try to do that as fast as possible so I can get back on the field and to my teammates.”

Robinson’s new quarterback is Isaiah Calabaza (22’) and so far Coach Marlo Hollingshed and several people are confident in him running the team. They think he’s the best fit for quarterback currently.

“Well it’s the guy that demonstrates knowledge and efficiency on our offense he has got to be able to receive the plays from the sideline, deliver the plays in the huddle and execute the plays on the field,” Coach Hollingshed said.“So the guy that’s talented enough to be able to do that is the guy that we name quarterback and right now the senior Isaiah Calabaza is the best one for the job at this time.”

Even Archield agrees that Calabaza is the one for the job.

“I’m really confident in Isaiah, I’ve played with him for a long time so I know he’s gonna do good things,” Archield said.