Girls Basketball Team Makes a Comeback from Mass Quarantine

Despite the circumstances of the team, they manage to see things positively and return stronger than before.


Jennifer Gutman looks to a teammate to pass the ball against Blake during the Nov. 30 game.

Grace Hilton, Sports Editor

After four players tested positive for Coronavirus, a large group of the girls basketball team was forced to quarantine over the past week. They notably missed a major game against Rival team, Plant High School, putting their season in a strange position.  Many are wondering what is going to happen to their season and if they can still make it to the district championships.

Although sick players have recovered from the virus and are no longer sick, practice has not been taking place for quite some time. They haven’t been able to practice since winter break until currently, along with playing only two games. The team is unsure about making up missed games and it is now pending under the county athletic director. They are hoping for the best and that they get the opportunity to replay these games.

With all the negativity and challenge the team has encountered, Coach Gil Rodrigues has seen the situation as a way of team building. “The team stayed together mentally… they made the best of a tough situation by offering support to each other. That’s what a real team does!” He thinks that the team is stronger and that the team is “more focused on winning.”

Not only does their coach see this in a positive light, but also do the teammates. By being able to practice again, they can move forward with what has happened and focus on the sport. “It’s not that much of a setback,” player Sriya Kollipara (’23) said, “We are a good team. I think we’re better than the people in our district, so I think we got it.” The team played last Friday, Jan. 14 and won against Middleton High School.

“Having something taken away from you that you love, even if for a short period of time, makes you realize how important that is,” Rodrigues said.