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Keirra McGoldrick

Keirra McGoldrick, Opinion Editor

Keirra McGoldrick is a junior at Robinson and the Opinion Editor for Knight Writers. This is her second year on staff and first year as an editor.

From an early age, McGoldrick has had an interest in writing. She would often spend her time making up stories about magic and fairies. It seemed as though luck was on her side when she was placed in journalism her sophomore year and she quickly fell in love with writing. Her favorite stories to write are A&E and opinion.

"With opinion, you can just express yourself freely and do it however you want to," McGoldrick said. "Not many people can say anything about it because it's your opinion and it's the same for A&E, which is why I love it so much."

In her free time, McGoldrick likes to practice her photography skills and listen to anything and everything by her current favorite artist, The Weeknd. She is a free spirit and an open book who enjoys going to the pool and long walks. McGoldrick is an animal lover with two cats, Daisy and Noah, and a dog named Bucky who was named after her love for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

One of her long-term aspirations, which very few people know about, is to receive a Ph.D. in Criminal Psychology.

"Criminology has always been something that's interested me from a young age. Trying to figure out the reason people commit certain crimes and the psychological factors that go into it could possibly lead to a new way of preventing them from happening."

This year, McGoldrick hopes to improve her photography skills and competently fulfill her responsibilities an editor.

"As a staff writer, I just had to write a story and get it in on time. Now I have to write a story, get it in on time, make sure everyone else's opinion stories are in on time and edit it as well as create spreads for print. So it's definitely more work," McGoldrick said.

(Profile by Chelsea Rodriguez)

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