Fit Bits: Five Ways to Workout on Vacation


Photo Isabel Hanewicz

A vacation does not have to mean you give up on your workout plans. Even on Christmas, I manage to get in a workout. And yes, I wore Christmas socks.

Isabel Hanewicz, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

(Almost) everyone loves to travel, but if you’re trying to keep a consistent workout schedule, vacations can complicate your plans. As a runner, I can’t afford to take a week completely off when I travel, so I’m constantly forced to find new ways to get a run in.

I’ve run around a park at Oxford University, done intervals on a treadmill in the basement of a New York City hotel and done strides up and down the capitol building in Denver.

Since I travel a fair amount, for family and for journalism, I’ve learned a few ways to workout when out of town. Wherever your next trip takes you, use this list to ensure you get in a workout or two.

  1. Get a gym pass: If wherever you are staying doesn’t have a gym, considering buying a day or week pass to a local gym. Most gyms, especially those in tourist towns, will offer passes for $10-$20 dollars for out-of-owners looking to get in a workout. Use maps to find gyms nearby and check the gym’s website or call before you go to make sure they offer passes.
  2. Core: Even if you’re cramped in a tiny hotel room, you can find a way to do core. If you have to, you can lay out a towel on the floor and knock out some quick bodyweight core exercises such as planks and push-ups (for more exercise ideas, click here). About 20-30 minutes, or the duration of a half-hour TV show, is a good length for a core workout.
  3. Bike: Biking is a great way to explore a new area and get in a bit of a workout. Especially in big cities, bike rentals are becoming more popular and can even be found on the streets. An hour or two-hour bike ride, even at a more relaxed pace, is still a good vacation workout.
  4. Find a class: If you’re looking for something more structured, find a workout class nearby. Yoga, CrossFit, spinning and hour-long workout sessions like those have increased in popularity and even the smallest towns tend to have at least one place that offers fitness classes.
  5. Run the stairs: I’ve run stairs a few times, and only when I had little options. If you’re staying in a big hotel or building (think ten flights or more), running up and down the flights of stairs will certainly get your heart rate up. Try to run up the stairs hard, and then use the flights down as a recovery. Be careful not to over stride or take the stairs too fast to avoid tripping or injuring yourself. Make sure to find a staircase that isn’t heavily used- you don’t want to knock into a stranger while running full speed up a flight of stairs.

Happy travels!