Q&A with New Assistant Principal: Chris Jaksec

Welcome Jaksec the new Assistant Principal of student affairs at Robinson.


Whittaley Bowden, Senior Staff Writer

After the recent departure of Daniel Cribb the former assistant principal of student affairs, RHS was in need of a new assistant principal.  The search is over and Robinson found their replacement in Chris Jaksec. Jaksec has been in education for many years and is now determined to make his mark at Robinson.

Where did you attend college? What was your major and minor?

“I am a proud alumni of USF. My major was secondary physical education.”

What was your position at your previous school?

“Actually I came from elementary. I was an elementary P.E. teacher but, I have been an educator for 30 years and I was an assistant principal at Greco Middle School previously. [After that]…I went back to the classroom for a little bit and I ended up going to elementary which was fun and different, but I wanted to get back into administration, so that’s how I ended up back here at Robinson.”

What do you enjoy about Robinson?

“The tradition and history of Robinson. I actually coached football here back in the late 80’s early 90’s. My brother actually worked here as well so…I really appreciate the tradition, community and pride at Robinson, [which is why] I was looking forward in coming here, becoming a knight [once again] and enjoying the new adventure.

What have you enjoyed about the community of Robinson?

“I think just that again it’s the history it’s a tight knit community here and there are a lot of people who work here that actually were students here like Mr. Brown you don’t find that in a lot of schools. I think that’s kind of unique and it’s neat to see how it builds tradition and community here at Robinson so many of the parents went to school here its kind of like a small town school but, in a big town.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“Well I love sports. I’m originally from a little town outside in Pittsburg, Penn. called Janice town so, I like my Pennsylvania sports: the Steelers, the Penguins, [etc.]. I like to cook [too], I originally wanted to go to culinary school, [but] instead I went to USF. I also like to do projects around the house [and] I have two kids and a dog so of course I enjoy family time.

What is something that students would be very interested to know about you?

“I use to own a restaurant for five years, it was very challenging and…fun but, it was education that was more of my passion. So, then I decided that I didn’t want to be be in the restaurant business anymore [and] I sold it. While running the restaurant I was actually teaching at the same time so I was doing both things [simultaneously] but I wanted my full focus to be with education, and committed fully to being a P.E coach… [Being a fan of many Penn. sports teams,] I’ve met a few students who I’ve been able to connect with due to that commonality.”

What is one of your goals for RHS this year?

“Well I think just becoming a useful part of the team [administrative team]…you know working with the teachers, students and administrators to get the most out of the students as far as their abilities…I think…being new is like trying to get that fit, trying to know people, getting see how things are being done…, bring my own kind of personality and ideas to it and trying to get everyone to maximize their [the student’s] potential to the best they can. I think that’s an awesome challenge to be a part of.”