Freshmen Adaptation


Photo Jenna Piontek

Eleni Yannakoupolus (’16)

Meng Fei Shen , Staff writer

They walked in excited, naive, and perhaps apprehensive on their first day of high school. Although high school and middle school are both places for students to receive their education, the difference is immense.

For Eleni Yannakoupolus (’16), high school work is stressful at times, but she enjoys the challenge, “I like the independence in high school, work may be a problem, but work in middle school was so easy it was frusturating.” Othen than the additional school work, Yannakoupolus has no further complaints. She loves the bonding environment present in high school where she can meet a more diverse group of people.

But Felisha Kurji (’16) provides another aspect of beginning high school, “I felt closer to my teachers and I thought of them more as friends in middle school.” Kurji finds high school teachers more difficult to bond with since they have so many students. Meeting new people was also a slight challenge for her, “It was hard the first couple of weeks to make friends.”

Despite all the initial challenges of high school, the majority of freshmen tend to enjoy the independence and diverse culture of high school. Of course, the work may seem overwhelming at times, but it all pays off in the end. The freshmen are off to a great start here at Robinson and hopefully, they will make the best out of high school, with heart-warming memories of success and lifelong friendships by the time they graduate.