Students deserve a break

With everything that students have to deal with, a day off from high school is exactly what they need.

Macey Hatton, Staff Writer

Adults get vacation days, so why don’t kids? I think all students can agree that high school is a very stressful time. Being involved in clubs and sports, maintaining friendships, studying for tests, keeping grades up and much more can push students to their breaking point. A mental health day is just what high school students need to get through all the stress and pressure.

The hours we spend sitting at a desk is sometimes longer than the hours we actually spend sleeping. According to the Center for Advancing Health, “only 8% of high school students get enough sleep on an average school night.” And I know that that is true for me.

Teens also report that their stress level during the school year far exceeds what they believe to be healthy, the American Psychological Association (APA) says. I, again, agree. It has only been three months into the school year and I’m already staying up past midnight almost every night to get everything done.

Obviously, many students already feel stressed and exhausted, but has anyone actually done something to change that? The APA reported that “only 13% of students set aside time to manage stress.” Sadly, I am not one of those 13% because I always find myself too busy doing school, sports, and extracurricular activities to take a break.

And for all those reasons, I believe that students should be allowed mental health days. Even just one day away from all the stress can make a huge difference. Everyone needs a day to reorganize and regroup. And I support it for the students as much as I do for teachers.

I know that some parents don’t want their kids to miss days of school, but they have to realize there are times you need to pause and breath. But parents can limit the mental health days to one or two a year, or whatever they think is reasonable. As long as parents understand how necessary days off are to students.

And the parents aren’t the only ones who should me concerned with mental health days, students should too. I hate missing a day of school because I get swamped with make-up work and I feel like I won’t be able to catch up. However, taking one day off isn’t going to ruin your high school career.

According to the Huffington Post, taking a day break “helps boost productivity and creativity.” So not only does it help you relax physically, it can help you mentally and academically as well.

So, I feel that mental health days are a must for all students. I’ve taken two so far throughout the year and I cannot stress enough how important they are. With everything students have to deal with, taking a day off can relieve the pressure and stress that high school creates.

Students should have the option to take an excused, mental health day because it can clear their head, help them relax, and get rid them of their stress. And if you don’t believe me, just try it yourself.