Homecoming 2.0 is a go

After school district decides to cancel school due to hurricane threat, administration reschedules homecoming festivities.


Photo I. Hanewicz

The Knight mascot rides in a convertible during the court presentation at the 2016 homecoming game. After the school district decides to cancel school, due to hurricane threat, administration reschedules homecoming festivities.

Cilicia Anderson, Sports Editor

Spirit week at Robinson took an unexpected turn when the threat of Hurricane Irma made its way through Florida. However, administration and student government are working together to ensure homecoming festivities will still take place.

“There are so many factors at play, but we do have two potential dates,” said Kristina Chowning, one of Student Government Association’s sponsors. “They have to check the school calendar, they have to check the district calendar, they have to make sure that there are no major conflicts of any sort, Im certain that they are taking all relative things into consideration.”

Instead of canceling all scheduled activities, SGA and administration have decided to simply postpone everything so that students will still be able to participate in all the events.

“It is my understanding that administration would like to keep everything as intact as possible. Student government is going to propose that we take all homecoming activities and move them to the new scheduled date, including repeating spirit week and so forth,” said Chowning.

After making sure no major scheduling conflicts would occur, SGA announced that all homecoming activities, including the dance, the “Light The Night” pep rally, spirit week and the homecoming game have been rescheduled to the week of October 17-21. Ticket sales will be extended and guest applications will still be accepted.