Theater troupe takes on USF


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Macey Hatton, Staff Writer

Robinson’s theater troupe 2660 is getting ready for a competition at the University of South Florida (USF) next week. They will perform on Wednesday, Dec. 6, the first day of the three day long competition.

“All of the thespian troupes from all the high school’s in Hillsborough county will be putting on a one act play,” theater teacher Maureen Pelamati said.

The troupe will perform and be judged on a scale from poor to superior. If they get superior, they will be able to go to states in March.

“[States] is our ultimate goal,” Lily Kirk (’18) said.

The theater students will be performing the play Not So Grimm Tales as part of the competition.

“It is a combination of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Cinderella,” Kirk said, “but the stories have been changed to be more feminist.”

The play is a “modernized version of different fairy tales,” said Orlea Mattson (’18), who is also a part of the troupe. Mattson has been apart of theater since her freshman year and is pretty confident going into USF.

“We performed it at the Night of One Acts already, so we are pretty used to our roles,” Mattson said.

On Friday, after all of the high schools are done performing, there will be a closing ceremony. According to Pelamati, every troupe at the ceremony sings one song from the same artist, which happens to be David Bowie this year. Robinson’s troupe is going to be performing “Modern Love”, which they have been practicing for along with their one act play.

“I think we have a good chance of doing well this year,” Mattson said. “I”m very excited because we have a lot of new people who have come into the troupe this year.”

Pelamati is ready to see how the play will turn out. She is excited to see all the hard work pay off and see their play as well as their David Bowie song.

“Something miraculous usually happens when we get on stage and the lights go on,” Pelamati said. “Everything seems to fall into place.”