Knights Volleyball Kills Alonso Ravens

Lady Knights win in four sets.

Adrian Schumacher and Naveen Jayaram

The Robinson Girls volleyball team is off to a blistering start this season as they beat Alonso 3-1 at the home opener on Wednesday night.

After a routine pre-season, the Knights were ready for their first matchup. The Knights started with captain Madison Williams (‘23) at setter, Katejion Robinson (‘23) at middle, Mina Kuklen (‘24) at outside hitter, captain Abbi Fishman (‘23) and Ryan Leclair (‘24) as defensive specialists and Haidyn Spano (‘25) at libero.

The first set started fast as both teams got off the mark, racing to an even 10-10 score. The lady knights then began to pull away, leading 20-15 after a crushing spike from Robinson. The Alonso girls fought back, but it was not enough as the knights won the first set by a score of 25-19.

The Knights brought serious intensity to start the second set, jumping out to an early 10-3 lead. However, the Ravens were resilient, closing the gap to a score of 14-11 after a good run. It was not enough though as the knights wrapped up the second set, winning by a score of 25-16. With a 2-0 lead, the Knights had a chance to have a clean win.

Before the third set started, the Knights were extremely confident. “Too confident,” according to Fishman.

“We got a little messy in the third set. It did not go the way we wanted, but it reminded us of the focus and winning attitude we needed to win the fourth. For the next game we can fix our energy and regain our focus on winning,” Fishman said. The team ended up losing the third set by a close score of 26-24.

After coming up short in the third set, the Knights regrouped and rose to the occasion, winning the fourth set, securing the win, and moving to 1-0 on the season.

Williams had a lot of hope for the team’s future after the promising first showing. 

“I think we just need to keep working together. It was our first game so we still have a lot to learn, but as the season goes on I’m sure we will improve in multiple areas,” Williams said. She scored the decisive point of the last set with a shot fake, sealing the win for the Knights. Williams had no comment about her performance, choosing only to address the team’s strong start.

“It was a good game; it was nice to go out with a win for the season opener,” Williams said. “I think we just brought more energy, went back to basics and that got the job done.”