2019 Spirit week themes

This is a guide and a little bit of inspiration and explanation for what to wear during this year’s spirit week.


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Spirit week is around the corner. Spirit week precedes homecoming and is used to rally students and get them excited for the homecoming game. This year, spirit week is Sept 30 to Oct 4.

Monday – Mathletes vs. Athletes

This day each student has the choice to either to take on the persona of a nerd or a jock. The stereotypical athlete would wear a jersey and accessorize with a ball or bad depending on the sport. The stereotypical mathlete would wear glasses, maybe even suspenders, and hold a calculator or math notes.

Tuesday – Tik Tok Day

Tik Tok has been a huge trend in 2019. Tik Tok gives students many different options on how to dress. E-girls/boys, soft girls/boys, VSCO girls, and F-boys have taken over the internet with their completely different styles. E-girls/boys have an edgy, grunge look. Soft girls/boys dress in lighter, brighter colors but still keep the edginess component in their outfit. VSCO girls wear oversized t-shirts, nike shorts, Birkenstocks, and puka-shelll necklaces. F-boys are usually pretty preppy and are typical fraternity college boys.

Wednesday – Wannabe Wednesday

This is a day with endless possibilities. Wannabe Wednesday is a day for students to dress up as characters or jobs they want to be when they grow up. Students can take the serious route of dressing like a doctor, lawyer, or teacher or they could use as a joke and dress up like the Kardashians.

Thursday – Out of this World

This extraterrestrial day will be full of aliens or space themed costumes. Students can dress as aliens in many different ways. You could pick the route of ordering a space shirt on Amazon and pairing it with glitter. Students could also pick a theme to dress like the aliens from Toy Story or ET. You could even dress as an astronaut from NASA.

Friday – Class Colors

Friday is dedicated to school spirit. Students will dress in either white, grey, black, or silver depending on their class. Freshman will dress in a silver themed outfit. Sophomores will wear black. Juniors will wear a grey outfit. Seniors will dress in solely white.

This year’s spirit week will be filled with fun-themed outfits from each student. This spirit week will be have many fun days including a pep rally leading up to the game and eventually the dance.