RHSToday in Fashion: Outfit originality is key


Photo E. Wertz

Marvin Roush (’21) shows off his thrifted outfit.

Ella Wertz, news editor

Robinson High School has a huge variety of styles all around school. The nice thing about not having uniforms is that students are given a chance to truly express themselves and show off their creative side through the outfits the put together everyday for school.

An outfit can send a message. It can be used to encompass emotions and reflect different characteristics of students. To capture this side of students, RHSToday in Fashion chooses a student every week to learn about the thought processes that go into their outfits.

Marvin Roush (’21) chooses his outfits very carefully for school because he wants to take advantage of this one sliver of choice and creativity that he is allowed at school.

“I think it is important to use fashion to express yourself,” Roush said.

In today’s outfit, Roush paired a blue collared corduroy vest with flower and fruit detailing with a matching pair of blue corduroy pants. Roush wore a plain white T-shirt under the vest to avoid distracting from it as a statement piece. Finally, Roush finished off the outfit with platform, black DocMartins.

“This is a completely thrifted outfit. I got this 70s sweater vest from the Goodwill bins in St Pete. It was really cheap. I bought these coudoury pants at a vintage store in New York City,” Roush said.

Roush recommends thrifting because it allows you to find really cool vintage statement pieces for cheaper. Thrifted pieces have an aspect of life to them that can’t be found at a mainstream store like Pacsun or Urban Outfitters.

“Thrifting is a good option to explore different eras of fashion,” Roush said.

Roush advises people to not focus on what’s popular or even what other people are wearing because style is such a personal thing that only you know what your true tastes are and what fits your body.

“The most important thing is silhouette. Don’t really follow with trends just know what kind of flatters your body,” Roush said.

Fashion is such an important part in our daily life. It is a way for us to think outside of the box and creatively put together outfits give others a look into our lives and personality. Roush’s outfit reinforces the ideas of self expression and originality that should be incorporated into our everyday outfits.