Kimberly Harrell steps up from intern to teacher

After doing internships at Robinson in the past, Kimberly Harrell is returning to teach Algebra.


“She’s pretty thorough, she’s firm because sometimes you have to be that way, very structured and very thoughtful as far as, she thinks about what the students need to help them understand the concepts and she implements certain tasks to help them get there,” Head of the math department Steven Beaudoin said about new teacher Kimberly Harrell

Anna Woodward, Online Managing Editor

In previous years, Kimberly Harrell has been seen around Robinson as an intern. This year, however, she’s returning to Robinson with a new position: teacher. Harrell is teaching Algebra 1, Algebra 1A and Algebra 1B, as well as acting as Assistant Coach of the cheer team.

This is Harrell’s first year teaching, but she has done internships in the past at Trinity School for Children working with sixth graders, Coleman Middle School working with sixth and seventh graders and two at Robinson, in Ms. Patenaude and Ms. Pursiful’s classes. When Pursiful retired last year, Harrell applied for the position and took her place.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, I was just never sure of what grade I wanted to teach, and I chose high school because I feel like right now, grades 9-12, you’re at the most interesting point in your life,” Harrell said. “you’re going through so many changes, and you’re starting so many fun new beginnings that it’s a really great place to work with kids.”

Harrell plans to teach with a more hands-on approach, as opposed to a typical lecture and notes.

“[my teaching style is] very student-centered, I try not to give a lecture the whole time, I’d rather have my kids learn by doing activities and discovery and that sort of stuff,” Harrell said.

As a new teacher, Harrell is not only bringing a fresh face to the faculty, but in addition, new ideas on how to bring Robinson’s math department success this year.

“She brings a lot of ideas…she just recently graduated from the University of Tampa, so she’s got a lot of ideas that she’s pulling in, the freshest ideas from the university, so i’m looking forward to her sharing those with the rest of us who may be out of school for a while,” Head of the math department Steven Beaudoin said.

With her unconventional yet effective approach to teaching and experience, Harrell’s students think that having her as a teacher has made their school days better.

“She’s nice, she’s kind, she’s everything,” Mark Etang (’22) said.

Harrell’s colleagues agree with her students saying she seems like a good addition to the Robinson family.

“She’s very good with the students and she’s perfect for the Algebra 1 classes that she teaches,” Beaudoin said. “She has a great disposition and she’s very welcoming and warm and can really seem to break down the material for the students so that they understand.”