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The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

Janiece Mitchner

Janiece Mitchner, Senior Staff Writer

Janiece Mitchner is a junior at Robinson and a senior staff writer for Knight Writers. This is her second year on staff.

While Mitchner was placed in journalism by chance, she has enjoyed the last year making drawings for the newspaper.

"Since I suck at writing, I draw for the newspaper," Mitchner said.

Mitchner has been drawing for five years and hopes to earn the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) Artist of the Year award in the future.

"I usually draw characters, superheroes, anime characters and generally whatever looks interesting to me. It calms me when I draw and listen to music," Mitchner said.

Besides art, Mitchner enjoys relaxing, volunteering for Girl Scouts and listening to music; particularly, her all-time favorite artist is Justin Bieber. The rest of Mitchner's time not designated towards art, school and music is put towards working at Qdoba, where she tends to work 20 hours a week.

Mitchner has had to move multiple times due to her dad's military obligations. She has been living in Tampa for the last two years but does miss her last home in North Dakota.

"Moving to Tampa has been kind of hard for me," Mitchner admitted. "I definitely miss having some snow, I'd rather be cold than hot."

Besides North Dakota, Mitchner has also lived in Texas at two different times.

Despite the numerous moves, Mitchner has stayed close with her family, including her younger brother and sister. Janiece, however, draws her ultimate inspiration from her mother.

"She is my role model and is always able to balance all my siblings' requests. She's also very good at managing her time," Mitchner said.

Mitchner is looking forward to graduating next year and plans to continue doing art actively as well as go on the culinary trip to Japan.

"I hope that by the end of high school, my artwork will be in an art portfolio for college," Mitchner said.

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